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Glazier Elementary School

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The first day of school is Thursday, August 17th: Gates open at 7:30am, every day.  Thank you for being on time--in line by 7:55am.
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About Glazier Elementary School

Anna Melinda Glazier, known to her friends as "Lynn" was born in Illinois in the late 1800's. She moved to Norwalk in 1905 after she married. The Glazier's opened a General Merchandise Store on Front Street until the earthquake in March of 1933, when the building was demolished. From that time on, the store was located on San Antonio Drive.

Although the Glazier's had no children of their own, they adopted a son in 1918 named Alfred, and it was he who inspired Mrs. Glazier to work with the Parent-Teacher Association and the schools - for which she was honored in 1953 when Glazier was built. Her son Alfred passed away at the age of 14, when he was in high school. Old friends tell of how she carried her baby to meetings with her wherever she went. She was one of the early workers in the Norwalk PTA, and served as its president from 1918 to 1920, and then as president of Excelsior Council in 1920 and 1921.

At this time she began to see the need for a kindergarten class in Norwalk and walked the streets with her son to have petitions signed.Finally in 1922, the first kindergarten class was formed in Norwalk,and her son Alfred was among the first to enroll. In those early days of PTA work, there were no awards given, but in 1949 the Norwalk PTA awarded its highest honor to Anna M. Glazier.

Mrs. Glazier's work in the rest of the community was no less important - she worked for the Red Cross in the first war. She was a lifelong member of the Bethany Congregational Church, and was a diligent worker in the Ladies' Auxiliary for many years. Her friends from the Church say that she never failed to help financially or physically. The Norwalk Woman's club, of which she was a charter member, began with about 20 women who met at each other's homes. Mrs.Glazier was among those who worked long hours to plan and build the original clubhouse, which stood for many years on Firestone Blvd.,before it was moved to Pioneer Blvd. She was very active in the Club's garden section, and received her Life Membership in the Women's Club in 1950.

Mrs. Glazier passed away in Norwalk in July of 1951, and in September of that year the School Board Trustees voted to name the new school at 19032 Excelsior Drive in her honor.

Of all the fine things said of her, and the honors which came to her in her lifetime, this is the most fitting tribute of all - that thousands of children in her beloved Norwalk will see her name on this building through many years, and always be proud of the great contributions made to Norwalk and Norwalk's children by ANNA M. GLAZIER.