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Glazier Elementary School

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NLMUSD's Expanded Learning Program (ELP)

 The NLMUSD's Expanded Learning Program (ASES Prepbelieves that all students deserve quality and equitable learning opportunities. Their goal is to be an academic support system to schools and to students as well as to work with students in developing strong social-emotional skills. The program provides support through three components: common core curriculum, character building, and Community and Social Engagement.


 The ASES Expanded Learning Program is for students K-5th grade. The program offers academic, social, and behavioral instruction for students at all levels. We promote access and equity to ensure that students that participate in the program are allowed to thrive. Included in our program: homework support, socialization, enrichment clubs, physical activity, and academic instruction catered to your student's grade level. 

First step to enrollment is to pick up an application at Glazier Elementary through the front office. After the application is received, you will be placed on the wait list until space is available. When it is your student's turn to enroll, you will be given a call by Site Lead, Nick Lewis, who can be contacted at between the hours of 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm.  
Priority Selection:
  1. Students are selected by their teachers (Target Criteria/Student Needs). 
  2. Students are selected by test scores (Based on SBAC/Benchmark Scores). 
  3. Student siblings are considered after #1 & 2 are selected.
  4. Parent can request a spot and will be placed on a waiting list until space is available, and after #'s 1-3 are placed first. 
After School:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
until 5:50pm

94, 95, 96

Nicholas I. Lewis /
Glazier Elementary School
ELP Site Lead (Site Coordinator)
(562) 283-8120 
Youtube @asesprepnorwalk