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Glazier Elementary School

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Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement Policy

The Glazier School community firmly believes that parent participation is an integral part of a child’s success in school. We realize that not all parents can be involved to the same degree and for that reason we offer a wealth of opportunities for parents to participate in their child’s education.  Please complete and return a District Volunteer form available in the school office.

Building Capacity for Parent Involvement

  • Parents are informed about program issues, progress and upcoming events at monthly School Decision Making/School Site Council (SDM/SSC) meetings, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meetings, English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) meetings, and monthly parent meetings. Parent input will be sought regarding student achievement, developing the budget, and rewriting the school plan. Parents will be encouraged to offer suggestions for program improvement during these meetings. In addition, parents are informed in English and Spanish via Connect Ed messages, flyers, newsletters, and the school web site.

  • Parents are informed regularly in English and Spanish about their child's progress via teacher phone calls, notes home, parent conferences, and report cards which are sent home three times a year. When appropriate, letters will be sent home with test results and/or a meeting will be held to explain the assessment process and student results, (i.e. SST, IEP and CST results).

Parent Involvement

We encourage parents to become involved in their child's education in the following ways:
  • Participating in parent education classes offered on site on a variety of topics, based on Parent Needs Assessment Survey
  • Serving as volunteers in the classroom
  • Helping with clerical items at home
  • Accompanying students on study trips
  • Assisting and/or assisting with special classroom activities
  • Attending school assemblies
  • Participating in PTA activities
  • Serving on the Shared Decision Making Council
  • Serving on interview panels
  • Reading and responding to all communications, such as the school newsletter
  • Offering input through parent surveys
  • Attending district-level meetings for parents, including District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC) and Superintendent’s Forum
  • Regularly reading the school website and marquee
  • After school teacher-led workshops in different academic areas
  • Parent participation is acknowledged by school staff through publication of names in the newsletter and school website and through teacher thank you notes, and at the end of the year Volunteer Celebration.

Staff Role in Parent Involvement

Staff members play an important role in encouraging ongoing parent involvement. Each teacher maintains regular contact with parents. Parents are invited to attend meetings through flyers, newsletters, and Connect Ed messages in English and Spanish. Some staff members are bilingual/bicultural and communication is provided in English and Spanish, which makes communication more effective and makes parents feel more comfortable when sharing their questions and concerns with staff. The front office is welcoming and child/parent friendly. Our staff's rapport with parents helps to make them feel welcome and needed at Glazier Elementary School.

School-Parent Compact

Glazier Elementary School has jointly developed and distributed to parents a school-parent compact that outlines how the parents, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement. It also describes how the school and parents will develop a partnership to help children reach proficiency on state content standards.