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Glazier Elementary School

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The first day of school is Thursday, August 17th: Gates open at 7:30am, every day.  Thank you for being on time--in line by 7:55am.
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Students » Behavior Standards

Behavior Standards

"The Glazier School community believes that teachers have the right to teach and all students have the right to learn"

Therefore, we are committed to the following deeply held beliefs and behaviors:
  1. We believe students should be committed to learning.
    • Students stay on task for the class period.
  2. We believe in choosing words that show respect and consideration for others.
    • Students use words that are kind, true, and necessary
    • Students treat others with consideration, courtesy, and compassion
    • Students are considerate of the rights of others.
  3. We believe that all members of our community have the right to feel safe and be free from physical harm.
    • Students use behavior that is safe and respectful of all
  4. We believe in being respectful of and responsible for all community and personal property.
    • Students use desks, tables and chairs appropriately
    • Students use books, instructional materials and playground equipment appropriately
    • Students use computers respectfully
    • Students use bathroom facilities appropriately
  5. We believe that all children need time for fresh air, physical activity, friendship building, and socialization on a playground that is physically and emotionally safe.
    • Students will be physically safe, emotionally safe and follow appropriate procedures.